Internationalisation strategies for the public sector


We provide consultancy to governments
and decision makers on the design
of their education and research systems
and on the international positioning
of their national education and research offerings.

We consult on international project management
and we provide project organisation
for sustainable education
and research projects.

The continuing progress and prevalence
of virtual teaching and learning methods
like eLearning and blended learning
lead to new concepts for a global market,
which we realise through a virtual vocational
and in-service campus.

Through the introduction of eLearning
and blended learning the education options
and curricula can be more effective,
innovative and available worldwide.

Our expertise for the public sector:

  • Development of a vocational training system
  • Development of a permeable education system,
    that enables fully-trained apprentices
    to access academic education
  • The transition to a competency-oriented model
    in school, academia and in-company training
  • The worldwide availability of quality-secured,
    in-service training programmes
  • Digital agenda: implementation of eLearning,
    blended learning and IT-supported communication
  • International project management
  • International positioning of public achievements
  • The realisation of Feasibility studies



We provide consultancy
on the design of education
and research systems




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