Corporate consulting on the internationalisation of dual and vocational education


We foster strong links and practical projects
between academic R&D entities and private sector.

At team consult wien, we offer international project management
for the professional collaboration of schools, academia
and corporations and we support the international transfer
of R&D between the scientific and private sectors.

We link companies worldwide with the best schools
and academic institutions, and implement Think Tanks
to deliver analyses and way forwards on important operational issues,
both of the day and future.

Companies can therefore access interdisciplinary expertise
from the best education and science institutions.

The dual training in the DACH countries
(Germany, Austria and Switzerland) is a proven system:
theory and practice, school and in-company training,
general education and vocational education
are closely and successfully connected.

We support companies in setting up their own in-house,
dual training facilities in their country operations worldwide.
In this way, companies can draw on the proven
and existing resources of the Austrian / German / Swiss dual training system to enhance the qualifications of their employees worldwide,
and potentially from the outset of their overseas operations.

We support companies with

  • Feasibility studies
  • International project management
  • Expertise on the implementation of dual training
  • Securing local buy-in and cooperation in adopting
    a dual education system
  • Digitalisation and internationalisation of vocational training
  • Measures to improve the permeability of training
    on the basis of the European Qualifications Framework
  • Science transfer between research institutions
    and the private sector
  • Design and management of think tanks,
    international symposia and conferences




Dual training is a proven system




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