Corporate Academy


Corporate Academies serve the education
and training needs of key personnel,
which are themselves based
on the strategic direction of the company.

The goal of Corporate Academies is to integrate
and implement HR strategies in conjunction
with (academic) training partners.

We offer advice on the conceptual design
and implementation of a Corporate Academy
and provide sustainable partnerships
between businesses and educational institutions.

We offer training programmes
of a rigorous academic standard
that can be tailor made and delivered
in line with the strategic needs
of your organisation.

Corporate Academies can:

  • Support an organisation’s
    strategic direction effectively and efficiently
  • Develop an entity’s knowledge management
    and intellectual capital as essential components
    for both the organisation
    and individual employee’s success
  • Apply academic expertise
    and experience to business practice
  • Facilitate and advance
    a culture of mutual learning
  • Facilitate a culture
    of mutual understanding of leadership
  • Offer individuals the prospect
    of personal development
  • Strengthen cooperation
    through IT-supported communication



The goal of Corporate Academies
is the integrative implementation
of HR strategies




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